Poetry by Heart!

The reading leaders did a fantastic job of running a 'Poetry by Heart' competition, challenging children from Key Stage 2 to select and learn a poem by heart. Many children borrowed poetry books from the library and selected a range of poems which they performed in front of the Key Stage 2 classes and a judging panel, who scored them on performance, voice, understanding and accuracy. In total 18 children took part as individuals or groups and impressed the judges with their confidence, volume and expression. This really inspired children to explore poems old and new by poets such as Cristina Rossetti and Benjamin Zephaniah. We look forward to further inspiring competitions and poetry events run by the reading leaders. ​


The winners were Katie and Leonie (Year 5) and three runners up were Thomas (Year 4), Jessie (Year 5) and Chloe and Bonnie (Year 3).