The Stadium


This week I have set you some tasks around an abandoned stadium - access this through the Pobble link below. Here is a suggestion on which tasks should be completed each day:

Monday: ‘Story Starter’ and ‘Question Time’
Tuesday: ‘Up-leveling Adjectives’, ‘Vocabulary Challenge’ and ‘Sentence Challenge’
Wednesday: ‘Picture It’
Thursday: ‘Write It’
Friday: Proof It and then turn it in as a file or photo for feedback on Google Classroom

You will need to use descriptive language including adjectives and noun phrases so I have also attached some guides.

I look forward to seeing the results!



This week should be spent revising Set 4 - Identify the words you are unsure of and use the handy tips in the document below to learn them.



Read Chapter 12 and then respond to the discussion question on Google Classroom