School Travel Plan

At St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School, we are committed to promoting greener travel within our school community. For this purpose, we have written a travel plan.


The ‘Active Bug’ is a whole school incentive to encourage families to walk to school (or other greener methods of travel, e.g. by scooter), with an incentive to walk on Fridays every week. The children look forward to finding out how many children have travelled to school in our weekly celebration assembly. To encourage travelling to school by scooter, we have installed scooter racks on the playground. The children have learnt about scooting safely and are now able to also use their scooters during lunchtimes within a safe, designated area.


We are keen to receive and act upon the views of parents, and therefore complete a survey every Autumn term. The findings of this survey, including parent feedback are included in the travel plan.


Our school is serviced by several public transport routes, information about these can be found at  and



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