COVID-19 guidance




When bringing your child to school in the morning and collecting them at the end of the day, please ensure that you enter and exit the site via the correct gate at the specified time.

  • YR, Y2, Y4 and Y6 enter via Gate 1, nearest the field.
  • Y1, Y3 and Y5 enter via Gate 3, nearest the carpark
  • Everyone exits via Gate 2 in the centre of the playground


Separate arrangements are in place for siblings

  • In the morning, all siblings should arrive at school at the time the earliest child is due in school, entering via the youngest child’s gate.
  • Older siblings should make their way to the adult on the centre of the playground and wait in a socially distanced line.
  • At the end of the day, parents should arrive to collect their children at the time specified for the eldest sibling, via their gate.
  • This will help to prevent parents waiting around and potentially congesting the area outside school.


Please help us to set good examples to the children when social distancing

  • Parents should wait for their children within the line markings on the playground.
  • Please wait with a 2m distance between yourself and the next family.
  • Ideally, only one family member should be coming on to the playground with their child.
  • After leaving the playground, parents/ carers should leave the area immediately to avoid blocking the pathway for the incoming group or children or for members of the public.


Absence from School

Please refer to the documents below for guidance on what to do when your child is not feeling well.

Back to School

For those children returning to school after a long period away, parents may wish to share the 'Back to School' story with them. This can be found below.

Home-School Communication

From September 2020, communication will be via the weekly newsletter accessed from the newsletter section on the home page of this site.


Written updates from the school during lockdown can be read below. Video messages can be accessed via the gallery and Video Resource Centre in the children's tab.


School Lunch Menu


From 1st June, the school caterers are providing a cold lunch menu. This can be viewed below. Parents wishing their child to have a meal should inform the school office. Meals should be paid for in the usual way on Parentpay for children in Y6.

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