School Closure

St Anselm's School Closure Home Learning - Year 6


This page will give you advice and set home learning for you whilst we follow the government guidance on school closures.  It is intended to be used alongside the Home Learning Pack that you received prior to the school closure. All of the information you will need to complete the daily learning tasks will be uploaded to this page.


In the weekly tabs, you will be able to access a suggested daily timetable of learning, plus instructions and further information on each subject for each day. There will also be links to documents and online resources related to the work set.


We appreciate that all home situations are different and we anticipate that there may be individual circumstances which will prevent the home learning being followed as advised by the school. We do however urge, if circumstances allow, that children quickly adapt to a consistent routine at home to allow their education to continue as normal. There will be compulsory activities for the children to complete each day so you are clear what work they are expected to complete, but we will also provide you with additional work that would be helpful for them if circumstances allow.


The tasks will be a combination of learning that can be done online and on paper in the books provided in this pack. For some tasks there may be 3 levels of challenge offered – just as they do in class, children need to choose the task that offers them the right level of challenge.


Answer sheets may also be provided for some tasks. Again, children should use these as we do in school to check their answers after a few questions and make corrections where necessary.


Please find below some further information on the different learning that your child should be completing at home in the event of a school closure. Please bear in mind that the exact work set each day will be made explicit on the class page on the school website.


English (compulsory)

One English “lesson” will be set every day. This may include grammar work, reading comprehensions and spelling activities and may be set on the school website, on Google Classroom, on Purple Mash, from the children’s homework books or from the spelling pack provided inside this folder.


Maths (compulsory)

One maths “lesson” will be set every day. This may be set on the school website, on Google Classroom, on Purple Mash or from the children’s homework books.


Quest (compulsory)

Children are expected to complete one Power Project activity of their choosing for each week that the school is closed. Their newest Power Project homework can be found in this folder.


Reading (compulsory)

Children have already taken 2 books each from the school library so they can continue with their daily reading. Please ensure they keep up with their reading records during this time.


Additional advisory activities

  • In addition to their 2 library books, children will also be bringing home a My Book Blog text which they can read to complete activities on My Book Blog.
  • Daily practice on Times Tables Rockstars (3 minutes a day)
  • Purple Mash games
  • Science activities (to be directed by class teacher)
  • Writing tasks (to be directed by class teacher)



The wellbeing of our children and their families during the school closure is at the forefront of our concerns. Please find below, a leaflet written by the school giving suggestions on how to maintain positive wellbeing and good mental health during these unprecedented times.


Links to help with your home learning:

Weekly Timetables and Resources