Week Commencing 30th March 2020


Monday 30th March

Tuesday 31st March

Wednesday 1st April

Thursday 2nd April

Friday 3rd April



Page 48-49 of your Grammar Homework book



Term 3 Set 1 Week 2

Spelling patterns: ei(gh), ey, -gue, -que, sc (s sound). Practice sheet.


Mount Everest (set as a 2Do)



Activity sheet 1




Happy Easter holidays!

 See if you can complete some of the suggested activities.


Written method for addition

Choose A (mild), B (medium), or C (spicy) to complete in your book.

Mark using answer page.

Maths homework book

Book 2 Section 1 Test 11

Book 3 Section 1 Test 7

Book 3 Section 2 Test 4


Mark using answer page.


Choose an activity from your POWer project to complete this week. (If you choose a Purple Mash activity, make sure you go through the sidebar as it gives you tips for answering as fully as possible.)

Additional activities

  • TT Rockstars (at least 5 minutes as often as possible)
  • Daily Reading
  • Addition to 100/1000 game on Purple Mash to practice estimation skills (Set as a 2Do)
  • Times tables activities on Purple Mash set as 2Dos for some of the class
  • Science on Purple Mash 2Do: Electricity.

Blue – can be found in your home learning pack or homework books.

Red – Can be found in the weekly resources folder on the website class page.

Purple – Can be found on Purple Mash website