At St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School, our uniform is very important to us and the children are encouraged to wear it with pride.


From September 2021, the uniform will be as follows:


Winter Uniform

  • School jumper or cardigan

        with the school logo

  • Grey trousers, shorts, culottes,

        skirt or pinafore

  • White shirt
  • School tie (elastic in KS1)
  • Grey, burgundy, white socks/ tights
  • Black shoes






PE Kit

  • Maroon school

          emblem shorts

  • Plain, white, round-necked


  • Plimsolls or trainers


In colder weather, children

may wear a tracksuit






Summer Uniform

  • School jumper or cardigan

         with the school logo

  • Grey trousers, shorts,

          skirt or culottes

  • Burgundy polo shirt

         with the school logo

  • Red and white gingham

         summer dress

        (all-in-one playsuits are

         not permitted)

  • Grey or white socks
  • Black shoes



Please note:

Children may wear winter or summer uniform in Term 1 and Term 5.

Winter uniform must be worn in Term 2 - Term 4

Summer uniform must be worn in Term 6



Additional Items

PE bags

Book bags

Coats should be a dark colour


Specific items of uniform are available from TFS School Wear in Dartford.


PE kits should be in a named PE bag and brought in to school on the day the class has PE.


Trainers are to be worn for PE only. When purchasing uniform, please buy smart shoes.


Jewellery including earrings is not permitted. Children may wear wrist watches. 'Smart' watches are not permitted


Hair, including braids, should be natural in colour and long hair should be tied back. Hair accessories—hairbands, beads and ribbons—should be subtle and school colours.


All uniform and any personal belongings should be clearly labelled.