Week Commencing 30th March 2020

  Monday 30th March Tuesday 31st March Easter holiday homework

Reading Comprehension:

Saved below.




Read the text ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and answer qs. 1-8 in your workbook

Reading Comprehension continued

Answer qs. 9-13  in your workbook


Mark your answers

Reading daily


Grammar homework book

Grammar book: Commas  pg. 46 and 47


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Café totals- adding amounts of money

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Choose a challenge.


Mark your answers and make corrections where necessary.

Purple Mash

Money activity set as a 2Do


Sequence snake- set as 2Do


Time activity- set as 2Do

Maths homework book

Either page 13 or page 24


Mark answers
Quest Choose an activity from your POWer project to complete this week.
Additional Activities


Science: Muscles- set as a 2Do on purplemash


Music: 2sequence set as 2Do on purple mash