Responsible Parking

Responsible Parking


As a driver you have a responsibility to park in a safe and considerate manner, if you don't you could be endangering a child's life.

Please park with care and help make the area near and around our school a safer place for pupils.

If you need to drive your child to school, for the safety of all our families, please remember:

  • No parking on single or double yellow lines
  • No double parking
  • No stopping, dropping or parking on the School Keep Clear yellow zig zags
  • No turning in the road - use the roundabouts at each end of Littlebrook Manorway
  • No parking close to the traffic islands as this blocks the road for buses and larger vehicles
  • No parking on corners or junctions especially near the school entrances
  • No parking in private parking spaces
  • Please do not block driveways

By remembering these points not only will you improve the safety of the area surrounding our school, but you will also avoid receiving a parking ticket!


What can you do instead?
Fewer cars at the school entrance will help make it safer for you and your children.

‘Park and Stride’

To help ease the situation, Fr Pat is happy for parents and carers to use the Church car park and walk their children across to the school.

Try Car Sharing

Consider sharing the school run. If you have to drive to school then get together with other parents who need to go by car and take it in turns to drive.