Organisation and Staffing Structure

School Organisation

St Anselm’s is a one form entry school with an agreed Pupil Allocated Number (PAN) of 30 places per year group.


There is one class per year group from Reception to Year 6. The table below provides details of the staffing structure and responsibilities.




Mrs Laura White

Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Health and Safety Officer, Assessment Leader, RE Subject Leader






Mrs Lorna Beckley

Deputy Headteacher, EYFS Leader, KS1 Leader, Behaviour Leader, Deputy Safeguarding Lead



Miss Josie Sennington

Assistant Headteacher, Maths Subject Leader, Year 6 teacher, Deputy Safeguarding Lead




Teacher: Miss Josie Sennington

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Leanne Henderson






Teacher: Mr Mathew Stanley

Senior Leader, English Subject Leader; Science Subject Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Leanne Henderson






Teacher: Mrs Amelia Foudy (3 days)

Teacher: Mrs Sarah Tarry (1.5 days)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Edith Ranson







Teacher: Mrs Lyndsey Munday (4 days)

Foundation Curriculum Leader

Teacher: Ms Kathleen Head (Supply teacher 1 day)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Michelle Barker







Teacher: Mrs Catherine Snowden (4 days)

Music Subject Leader; Arts Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Deanne D'Mello (HLTA 1 day)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Geraldine Gallagher






Teacher: Miss King

Phonics Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Emma Sear








Teacher: Mrs Emma Barber (4 days)

EYFS Leader

Teacher: Mrs Laura White (1 day)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Deanne D'Mello (HLTA)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sylvia Nguyen 




Mrs Ann Alfredo

1:1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bre Putman

1:1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sarah McGuire

1:1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lorraine Stone

1:1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Fariza Branco



Support Staff


Mrs Claire Munday Secretary


Ms Diana Marshall PSA, Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Michelle Humble Finance Officer

  Mrs Karen Woodhams HR and Admin 

Mr Ian White Site Manager


Mrs Tina Francis Midday Supervisor


Ms Kathleen Ounsworth Midday Supervisor


Mrs Fariza Branco Midday Supervisor


Mrs Vicki Springall Midday Supervisor

Mrs Ilona Sercova Midday Supervisor

Mrs Wendy Crisford Midday Supervisor


Mrs Sue Whapshott Cleaner


Mrs Lyn Cummings Cleaner