Autumn Term Learning

4th November 2019

Today we started our new Science topic 'Electricity'. We started by thinking about different devices that use electricity and began sorting them into categories of what they use the electricity for.

11th October 2019


We used drawings, cubes and tables to help us solve a tricky maths problem.

7th October 2019

Today in science, we experimented with making quiet and loud sounds. We thought about what we had to do to our instruments to make a quiet or loud sound:


"I had to use the smallest bit of the drum to hit" - Chibueze.

"We had to shake it slower" - Daniel D and Isla.

"We had to hit the drum more lightly and gently" - Seamus.


"We had to shake the instrument really hard" - Daisy and Ceaser.

"We used more power in our wrist" - Maisie and Edward.

"We had to hit it with a bit more force" - Candice.


We used these ideas to think about how the particles behave as they travel to our ears.

27th September 2019

In RE this week, we enjoyed using water colours to paint scenes from the story of Moses and the Exodus. Look how great they are!

25th September

We have been working hard in class preparing all sorts of wonderful things to show you at our Quest afternoon at the end of this half term! It's all top secret for now, but here are some teaser photos...

18th September 

This week in science we took part in a few different experiments to find out how sound is made. We could see and feel the vibrations.

10th September

We looked closely at Roman artefacts and thought about what they were, what they were used for and who might have used them.