Spring Term Learning

20th March 2020

We had such an amazing week watching our eggs turn into baby chicks. We learned all about the different stages of development inside the egg and how to care for the eggs before they hatch and what to do once they did hatch. What a lovely experience for all!

13th March 2020

This week in Sunflower class, we have been learning about the Jewish festival of Purim. We watched video clips about the celebrations. We made our own Purim 'gregors' (shakers) and masks. We also produced some lovely writing about the Jewish festival too.

6th March 2020

On Thursday this week, we had a special day where we could come to school dressed in science themed costumes. We came as doctors, nurses, the solar system, nuclear scientists, dentists, astronauts and even Einstein himself! One Sunflower made an electric maths game at home with his family, and shared it with the rest of the class.

28th February 2020

This week has been a really busy week in Sunflower class! We launched our new topic of People Who Help Us, and the children loved engaging in role play in our new doctor's surgery. On Tuesday, we made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and the children learned all about the special day which comes before the beginning of Lent. On Thursday, we had a wonderful time outside in the snow. We tried to catch it on our hands and collect it in our buckets and on paper. Some of us put wellies on and splashed in the puddles and some of us made bridges over the puddles.

13th February 2020

This week, we have been exploring dinosaurs as part of our Long Ago and Far Away topic. We have been learning about all of the different types of dinosaurs, what they look like and what they eat. We made our own dinosaur fact files and books, made dinosaurs from junk modelling and play dough, and we made our own dinosaur environment for us to play with the toy dinosaurs.

7th February 2020

This week in R.E, the Sunflowers learned about Jesus' first miracle. We talked about weddings and looked at wedding objects and pictures. We listened to the story of the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned water into wine. The children drew pictures and wrote about the story.

31st January 2020

This week as part of our exploration of the story Handa's Surprise, children produced some lovely paintings of fruit. We also spent an afternoon feeling, smelling and tasting all of the delicious fruits featured in the story. We created a chart of the fruit that the children liked the best, and banana came out as their favourite.

24th January 2020

This week in response to our exploration of Chinese New Year, children decided to make animal masks, Chinese lanterns and Chinese dragons. They also did dragon dances outside, accompanied by their own musical instruments.

17th January 2020

The Sunflowers have been introduced to Numicon this week to support them in their exploration of number bonds to 5. They have been making different numbers to 5, for example, they used a 2 and a 3 to make 5.

10th January 2020

For 'Pirate Lunch' this week, lots of the children chose to make pirate hats, telescopes and pirate maps in their child led learning.