Lunchtimes and Healthy Eating

Lunchtimes and Healthy Eating


St Anselm’s has it's own kitchen which means that all meals are freshly cooked on site every day. The catering company providing the meals is called 'Nourish' and their most up to date menu can be accessed via the link below.

Current Menu

Children under the age of eight are encouraged to take up their free meal entitlement. 


Some children choose to bring a packed lunch from home - we encourage parents and carers to provide healthy options.



Fruit is provided free of charge as a break time snack for all children in Key Stage 1. Children in Key Stage 2 may bring fruit to eat during the morning break.



Milk is the ideal mid-morning drink for your child. This is provided free of charge for all children under the age of 5 and for those who are entitled to a free school meal. Milk is subsidised for all other children under the European school milk scheme; parents can opt to pay for their child to have a daily carton of milk.



Children will achieve more when both their health and learning needs are met. At St Anselm’s we encourage children to bring water bottles to school so that they can drink adequate amounts of water regularly throughout the school day.  This not only protects health and contributes to well-being but also helps to boost the capacity to learn.


Please contact the school office to arrange for your child to have a school meal, or for further information about free school meal entitlement and milk at break times.