Spring Term Learning

Thursday 16th January

We've been having a really productive week due to our brilliant behaviour. I can see a huge improvement in focus, attitude and determination during learning so please keep it up, Year 6!


In reading today, we looked at how to structure the perfect 3 mark answer using the formula:

  1. POINT
  3. POINT


The question was, "Would you like to go to this cafe? Give two reasons, giving evidence from the text to support your answer". 


This can be really tricky to get right, but we think we may have a master among us who answered it perfectly...

Maybe. No because you eat there but pets are there too so it’s probably extremely unhygienic (it also says it’s been closed by the Public Health Act). Yes because it’s happy there as it says “the joyful twittering, braying and meowing that welcomed every visitor”.


We celebrated this in class and are going to try and use this as a model for our future learning.

Thursday 9th January
Today, we launched our new Quest topic Greece Lightning. We used various Ordnance Survey maps of Greece and Europe to locate the country and establish its key geographical features. We then learnt about latitude and longitude, the Greenwich Meridian Line and used 4-figure grid references to locate key cities within Ancient Greece. A busy afternoon and a great start to the new year! Well done to the children for coming back really focused and ready for their learning.
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