Spring Term Learning

Monday 9th March
Today, we started a new unit in our writing sessions where we are going to write our own persuasive speeches about a topic we are passionate about. First, we watched Greta Thunberg's speech and scrutinised the language she used (the children's ideas and annotations are on the attached document). We then looked at a second speech and will use both of these to give us ideas when we come to writing our own.
Friday 6th March
We had our second cricket session today. We worked on throwing and catching skills for fielding and refined our bowling skills. Ask the children what they need to do when bowling in cricket and see what they can remember! 

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Wednesday 26th February
This afternoon we shared some VERY exciting news...

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Monday 24th February
For our first day back after half term, we continued with our British Values work by looking at political parties. We discussed our current political climate, how fair we think our democracy is and whether each vote is actually equal. We explored the idea of constituencies, demonstrated how voting works within those constituencies and then researched the key ideas of the main three parties.
Thursday 13th February

Thank you to all parents, carers, family and friends that came to our Quest afternoon today. Well done also to the children who have produced some fantastic work this term and spoke so knowledgeably about our Greece Lightning topic.


We are all very proud of you. Here are a few snaps of your wonderful displays. 

Tuesday 11th February
Today we really worked on our growth mindset within our art lesson. We focused on improving our sketching skills but drawing exactly what we can see, not what we THINK we can see. The focus of the lesson was on outlines and shapes and some of us moved onto adding smaller details but I must say, we have made quite an improvement since the beginning of the year!
Tuesday 4th February
This afternoon, we learnt about what life was like in two rival city states: Athens and Sparta. We made points to argue that one city was the best following the structure: point, evidence, explanation.
Monday 27th January
In science this afternoon, we continued to explore our learning about how light travels. We attempted to solve problems involving being able to see round corners by using reflections in a mirror.
Tuesday 21st January
Within our Quest topic, we've been learning about Greek pottery. We have designed our own pots and this afternoon we tried to replicate the basic shapes of our designs. We will then paint them next week and these will be displayed at our Quest afternoon - please do come along and have a look at all of our hard work from this half term!
Thursday 16th January

We've been having a really productive week due to our brilliant behaviour. I can see a huge improvement in focus, attitude and determination during learning so please keep it up, Year 6!


In reading today, we looked at how to structure the perfect 3 mark answer using the formula:

  1. POINT
  3. POINT


The question was, "Would you like to go to this cafe? Give two reasons, giving evidence from the text to support your answer". 


This can be really tricky to get right, but we think we may have a master among us who answered it perfectly...

Maybe. No because you eat there but pets are there too so it’s probably extremely unhygienic (it also says it’s been closed by the Public Health Act). Yes because it’s happy there as it says “the joyful twittering, braying and meowing that welcomed every visitor”.


We celebrated this in class and are going to try and use this as a model for our future learning.

Thursday 9th January
Today, we launched our new Quest topic Greece Lightning. We used various Ordnance Survey maps of Greece and Europe to locate the country and establish its key geographical features. We then learnt about latitude and longitude, the Greenwich Meridian Line and used 4-figure grid references to locate key cities within Ancient Greece. A busy afternoon and a great start to the new year! Well done to the children for coming back really focused and ready for their learning.