Responding to Concerns

Parents and carers are encouraged to speak to teachers if they have a specific concern about their child. They should ask to make an appointment to discuss matters with the class teacher at a mutually convenient time – often at the end of the teaching day. Similarly, teachers will consult parents if they have any concerns about a child.


It is always helpful, when there is a concern or query, to meet with the class teacher as soon as possible. We are committed to solving problems quickly and this can prevent minor issues or misunderstandings becoming major problems.


The teacher may ask you to raise your concern with a Senior Leader or the Headteacher if it is a whole school matter or if they feel a parent requires further information or reassurance.


At St Anselm’s, we follow the Local Authority guidance and model procedure for complaints. If parents feel that a problem has not been resolved by either the class teacher or Headteacher, the next step is to write to the Chair of Governors, c/o the school, marking the letter PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL.


We always listen to concerns and do our best to answer queries or investigate incidents as thoroughly as possible.