Parent Support

At St Anselm’s we are committed to working in partnership with parents;  together we can ensure that all of our children are safe, happy and able to learn to their full potential.


We are extremely fortunate to have a full time Parent Support Advisor whose role is to work in partnership with parents and carers; helping you to help your child learn and enjoy their education, by providing support, information and guidance.


Who is the Parent Support Adviser?

Ms Diana Marshall


How does the PSA support parents and carers?

 As well as being rewarding, parenting and caring for a child can be demanding and challenging.  Ms Marshall is available to offer advice and support to parents and carers in any matters concerning your child or children’s education and development.


Ms Marshall is available to:

  • support for you with your child's learning and school attendance
  • support you and your child during important changes in the school year
  • help you to understand and feel confident to engage in your child's learning
  • provide advice on ways to improve your child's behaviour
  • signpost local and national services that can help you and your child
  • provide advice and information on a range of issues affecting family life
  • help with accessing additional support and services for you and your children
  • provide support for individual families and parents
  • help and support you and your child throughout their development and to help you to maintain a positive relationship
  • provide parenting support
  • signposting for adult learning opportunities
  • help with accessing holiday and after school activities


How does the Parent Support Adviser give support to families?

 Ms Marshall works in many different ways to try and accommodate the needs of all families including:

  • one to one support
  • meetings in school
  • home visits
  • parenting courses
  • parent information sessions
  • family activities and learning courses
  • telephone support


Whatever your concern please contact Ms Marshall via telephone, option 3.