Week Commencing 4th May 2020


Monday 4th May

Tuesday 5th May

Wednesday 6th May

Thursday 7th May

Friday 8th May – VE day



Homework Book 1 : pg 56 and 57  Its and It’s

Homework Book 2 (stretch) : apostrophes

Mark using the answer page. 



Term 3 Set 2 Week 5  Practice Sheet


VE Day task  (World War 2 page)  



Term 3 Set 2 Week 5 Activity sheet 1


VE day task (Lockdown page)



Term 3 Set 2 Week 5 Activity sheet 2


VE day. Choose 1 or 2 stars (at the bottom of the page.) Mark your work using the answer sheet.


Spelling Test

Get someone to test your spellings.



Women of Steel. Mini biography 


Units of Measurement

Complete all questions.


Convert Units of Measure T/F

Set as a 2Do for all.


Convert Units of Measure 2

Set as 2Do for some. (Challenging as involved decimal conversions.)


Measures Problems

Choose A (mild), B (medium), or C (spicy) to complete in your book.


Complete a minimum of 4 questions.


Mark using answer page.

Areas of Shapes

Choose 1 (mild), 2 (medium), or 3 (spicy). Answer any questions that include your chosen number.


Mark using answer page.

Maths homework book

Book 2 Section 2 Test 3

Book 3 Section 1 Test 11

Book 3 Section 2 Test 8


Mark using answer page.



Choose an activity from your POWer project to complete this week.

(If you choose a Purple Mash activity, make sure you go through the sidebar as it gives you tips for answering as fully as possible.)


‘Easter – the Ascension’ activity.

Additional activities

  • TT Rockstars (at least 5 minutes as often as possible)
  • Daily Reading.
  • Use our class blog on Purple Mash
  • Science/ Maths:  Morse code  
  • Quest : Map of Europe colouring in. 
  • Art :  Design an end of lockdown banner.
  • Make a paper Spitfire plane. 
  • Times tables for some.


Blue – can be found in your home learning pack or homework books.

Red – Can be found in the weekly resources folder on the class page.

Purple – Can be found on Purple Mash website




Morse Code

Spitfire and Union Jack Bunting