School Aims

At St Anselm’s our Mission Statement is central to everything that we do. The Pride Values which determine the code of conduct in our school, coupled with our commitment to teaching the basic skills of English and mathematics alongside our RE curriculum and foundation curriculum help us to achieve our School Aims. 

At St Anselm’s, we aim to provide a curriculum that unlocks potential and supports children to become life-long learners. Inspired by those around them, as well as historical and contemporary figures, we want our children to aspire to be successful, confident and responsible people.


Through accessible and challenging learning opportunities, underpinned by our Catholic faith, our children learn to be the best versions of themselves. We nurture their happiness, their identity, their social and emotional development, their physical and mental health, their spiritual growth and their cognitive and academic success. Our ‘Rainbow Curriculum’ is designed to develop the following attributes across all areas learning:


Together, our children learn to be good friends, deep thinkers and morally responsible citizens with an active voice, who are informed to make positive contributions to society.