Resilience & Adaptability

Resilience and Adaptability

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill


Resilience and adaptability are two of the most important skills that we need in life. Resilience gives people the psychological strength to cope with challenges and failure. Also referred to as determination, resilience is what makes us successful, and when we fail, it is what makes us try again, and again, if necessary. When people are resilient, they’re able to handle difficulties and not only recover from them, but come back stronger.


Resilience relates to our ability to recover from difficulty and continue whereas adaptability is about learning from these experiences and using them to create a new, more positive outcome. In our ever-changing world, businesses and companies of the future will need people with skills that don’t even exist today.  


By teaching them about resilience and adaptability at an early age, not only will they grow up knowing that it is ok to get things wrong, but they will also begin to shape how they cope in these circumstances and be able to identify how and when they need to change their approach in order to experience success.