Autumn Term Learning

As part of our 'Light and Dark' topic last week, we made fireworks pictures, rangoli patterns and made puppets for a shadow puppet theatre. 


Some of our Maths learning last week included matching the correct quantity to the number, making patterns and giving a partner directions to get around an obstacle course using positional language. Maths is fun! 


During the lovely Autumn weather last week, we made some bark rubbings and leaf rubbings. We experimented with the way to hold the crayon and different affects we could achieve by changing colour and turning the paper.
Scribbles? No way! This is 'Write Dance'. In the first week, we listen to a piece of music and do lots of movements with our arms to show the music. Then, in the second week, we do the same movements while listening to the music but at the same time draw using both hands. This is trickier than you think! Doing big movements like this helps us to develop the muscles in our body that we need to hold and write with a pencil.


We were so excited to meet our buddies again, just before half term. They chose a story from the library to read to each of us. Thank you Year 6. We had a lovely time.


In our first PE lesson, we learned how to make different shapes with our bodies in a controlled way, including curling up, stretching out and exploring movement on our hands and knees.


In Maths we have been comparing and sorting objects and shapes. We grouped them according to their colour, size or anything else we noticed about them. 
We were very excited to find out that we had a school pond with lots of fish! There are black ones, orange ones, golden ones, silver ones and patterned ones. There were also lilypads and a waterlily growing in there. We are looking forward to our turn to feed them. 


Sunflower class had a very successful first week being in school for full days. We are working hard to learn the classroom routines and we are getting to know each other through our play. Please see below a few photos of some of the things we did in our first week.