Autumn Term Learning

Santa's Little Helpers

We received a letter from Father Christmas asking us to help him with a few things before Christmas and we have been busy every since!

We made decorations, printed our own wrapping paper, wrapped presents to fill Santa's sleigh and made some cards for people on Santa's list. We have definitely worked hard enough to earn a place on the 'nice' list!

Advent Wreaths

After learning about advent wreaths we made our own. There are 4 candles 3 purple and 1 pink. A candle is lit every Sunday from now to Christmas. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Last week we explored the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. we used collage to make all the different places in the story. We went on our own' bear hunt' through all the different areas. We made maps of the story and retold the story to our friends. 

Write Dance- it's not scribbling!

Every afternoon, we perform our 'Write Dance'. In one week we listen to the music and make large movements with our arms- some music helps us to imagine a huge volcano shooting out lava and other music takes us on a walk in the countryside. The movements help us to build up the muscles in our body to help us with our writing. In the second week, we hold a crayon in each hand and crouch down. Then using the movements we learnt in the first week we draw on the paper. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

As part of our learning of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we sequenced pictures of the story and retold it. We tried to make Baby Bear feel better by building him a new chair, making him sorry cards and building him houses. Goldilocks even got arrested!


Last week we worked in groups to do lots of matching and grouping. We even matched the socks together on the washing line!


Last week, we loved dressing up as pirates! We made a pirate ship, treasure, hats, maps and flags. We learned how to walk the plank and tried to avoid the scary sea monsters.