Our UNIQUE Rainbow Curriculum

The Covid-19 Pandemic gave us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the qualities and attributes that we felt our children would need when they returned to school following its partial closure.


As a school, we set about creating a 'recovery curriculum' which identified key areas that we felt we would need to focus on. It soon became clear that these 14 qualities and attributes were what our children needed, not just post-pandemic but to ensure their individual success and development now and in the future. And so... our school aims and curriculum were redefined... and our unique Rainbow Curriculum was born.

The qualities and attributes are taught discretely as part of our PSHE curriculum and through all subjects of the curriculum, where they have been tailored to the demands of learning in each subject.


Click on the icons below to read the rationale behind each of the 14 qualities and attributes. We are sure you will agree with us that they are just what our children will need to ensure they are good friends, deep thinkers and morally responsible citizens with an active voice, who are informed to make positive contributions to society, now and in the future.