Today we imagined that we were Hamlet and we wrote love letters to Ophelia, telling her how we felt about her. 


We are a very romantic group of children! 

Wedding Speeches

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As part our English learning, we have been looking at the play 'Hamlet' by William Shakespeare. In our lesson today we were all tasked with the job of being Claudius' advisors. We had to write a speech to say at his wedding to Gertrude. 

We worked in groups to come up with our wedding speeches. 



The Daily Mile 


Today many of us successfully ran 9.5 laps of the playground, 1 mile. We all encouraged each other and kept each other motivated. We even got Miss King to do it with us. 

With a positive mindset and a 'glass half full' outlook, anything is possible! 




This term in science we have been looking at the human body. Over the last two weeks we learned about our skeletons and muscles. We thought about how they move and support us during exercise and everyday tasks.

In our creative lesson today we showed these different movements. 


Can you guess what each skeleton is doing? 



We used our creative lessons to make a whole class display. We each drew around our hands and used them to make our world. Our portraits are a reflection of how we see ourselves.