Week Commencing 18th May 2020

Purple Mash Blogging and ability to upload work


I have now added a blog facility to PurpleMash for you to upload work for feedback and advice. Each of you have an individual blog, which only you and I can see, so that I can see and feedback on your learning. I will also be able to answer any queries about work through here. Please see the following guides on how to access the blog and submit work.








Complete the ‘Division Questions’ 2Do on Purple Mash


Read the Information about Written Division


Complete ‘Written Division’ Normal or Stretch.


Use answer sheet to mark.

Read and watch the example on the BBC Bitesize Website (link in maths folder)


Complete ‘Written Method for Division’ Challenge A, B or C


Use answer sheet to mark.

Complete ‘Dividing 4 Digits by 1 Digit 1’

Red, Blue or Orange


Use answer sheet to mark.

Homework Book


Section 2 Test 10


Section 3 Test 3


Use answer sheet to mark.

Complete ‘Dividing 4 Digits by 1 Digit 2’

Red, Blue or Orange


Use answer sheet to mark. 



Revise the words from Set 3.

See ‘How to Revise Spellings’ in the English folder for strategies to use.

You could also complete any relevant spelling pages in your English homework book.

Complete the spelling quiz 2Do I have set on Purple Mash


Read ‘The Apple Raid’ and answer the questions.


Use answer sheet to mark


Read the information about Nouns, Proper Nouns and Abstract Nouns


Complete ‘Nouns’


Use answer sheet to mark


Complete the ‘Compound Nouns’ 2Do on Purple Mash


Access Graffiti Street and complete the ‘Starter’ and ‘Question Time’ activities.


Access the blog on Purple Mash to see what others in the class think.


Access Graffiti Street and complete the ‘Sentence Challenge’ and ‘Grammar / Punctuation Challenge’  



Complete the ‘Picture It’ Activity.

Upload your artwork to the Purple Mash ‘Shared Learning Blog’


Access Graffiti Street and complete the ‘Discussion Text’ activity.   



Upload it to your Purple Mash ‘Learning Blog’ or the ‘Shared Learning Blog’ for feedback.


Read chapter 10 from Floodland

Respond to the question in the Purple Mash blog


Find out about the Mayans using

Choose an activity from your POWer project to complete this week.

Complete one of the Purple Mash ToDo ‘Mayan’ tasks that I have set - PLEASE 'HAND IN' WHEN FINISHED


View the 'Life Cycle of Mammals' slideshow and complete the task on the last slide.  

Upload your posters to Purple Mash via the blog when finished


Complete the ‘Linking Art and Scripture 5’ activity


Times Tables Rockstars

Daily Reading / MyBookBlog

Try the daily lessons on BBC Bitesize


Blue – can be found in your home learning pack or homework books.

Red – Can be found in the weekly resources folder on the class page.

Purple – Can be found on Purple Mash website


Extra Things to Explore