Monday 23rd November

During our Quest learning, we have been learning about the Romans. We started by looking at a British history timeline last week to see when the Romans ruled Britain. This week we used maps to identify places that the Romans invaded and where they settled to make their Empire.

Thursday 19th November
The children enjoyed getting to grips with some exciting new tech - Learning by Questions - to tackle some grammar problems.

Friday 13th November

Who knew Year 4 eagles were such talented poets? Take a look at these extracts from our wonderful winter poetry. We worked hard creating powerful similes then tried to include some when writing our poems. Some children accepted the challenge to include some of the other poetic devices we’ve been learning about too. See if you can spot examples of alliteration, rhyme, onomatopoeia and metaphors as well as all the super similes.


Snowflakes fall magically on branches,

Tiny diamonds sparkle enchantingly on the houses,

The puddles freeze like a clear mirror on the floor,

Kids play in the snow with red noses like berries,

People breathe out steamy clouds from their mouths,


Snow is as white as paper,

The sky is as black as a forest,

The wind is blowing like a wolf howling,

The winter is as cold as ice.

Winter is cold.



Ice sparkled like scattered glitter,

Jumpers as warm as decorated blankets,

People breathed puffs of cloudy fog,

December was a snowy forest,

While January was a sparkly robin,


Snowflakes fall snow on snow everywhere I go,

It’s a perfect winter day to have fun and play,

Everywhere I go there are cheerful people,

Frostbite gnaws at your fingers like a hungry shark,

Your scarf flies off in the wind like a kite on a flight.

BRRR! Winter is here!


Snowflakes shimmered like fairy dust,

The freezing frost flickered on a tree branch,

The whining wind flew like a fast cheetah with a big gust,

Tiny diamonds fell from the sky.


As the glistening snow fell like a thousand diamonds,

With the whistling wind like a whining wolf,

Snowflakes touched the ground like a gentle ballerina

Wednesday 11th November 2020

In science this week, we had a go at making a bulb light in a circuit. We enjoyed trying different things to discover what needs to happen for the bulb to light and to understand how the electricity travels around the circuit.

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Thankfully the rain held off for us to get out for our P.E. session today. Year 4 focused on their running skills and worked as a team to improve by playing a variety of running activities!