Mission Statement

St Anselm’s is a community of faith, serving local families and providing a Catholic education.


We strive to work in partnership with parents and carers to:


  • Inspire children to be ambassadors of Jesus through meaningful prayer, thoughtful reflection and exploration of the Gospel;
  • Ignite a love for life-long learning by encouraging and challenging children through purposeful learning opportunities;
  • Include and value everyone, recognise and celebrate uniqueness and promote self-appreciation and mutual respect;
  • Empower children to be ambitious, confident and aspirational now and in their vision for the future;
  • Provide an environment where positive wellbeing and mental health ensures everyone feels safe, happy and loved as children of God.
This cross was designed by the children to illustrate the School's Mission Statement. It is displayed in all classrooms and in prominent areas around the school as a reminder of what St Anselm's School stands for.