Spring Term Learning

16th January 2020


We were inspired by the poem Slowly by James Reeves and wrote our own poems using repetition for different effects. Here are a few: 



Miaow, miaow the cat sings, 

Miaow, miaow, I want a treat, 

Miaow, miaow, I'm hungry now!

Miaow, miaow,the cat sings louder, 

Miaow, miaow, hurry up!

Miaow, miaow, I'm tired now, 

Purr, purr, the owner's getting the food!

Purr, purr, yummy food!     



Loudly the children scream outside, 

Loudly waves crash against the tide, 

Loudly the clock chimes half past one, 

Loudly thunder crashes across the sun.


Loudly the crowd cheers the band, 

Loudly the elephant trumpets over land.

Loud is the dog - but loudest of all, 

Is the man giving a call. 



Ding dong! Wake up now, 

Tick tock! Eat breakfast now,

Tick tock! Brush your teeth now,

Tick tock! Quickly get dressed now.


Tick tock! Jump in your car, 

Tick tock! Pop to the shop, 

Tick tock! Stuck in a jam - damn,

Tick tock! Park the car.


Tick tock! I'm late, 

Tick tock! Work flies by, 

Tick tock! Finally at home, 

Tick tock! Let's go on Tik Tok!