School Council

The School Council meets every week. All children from Year 2 to Year 6 attend School Council meetings.


Our meetings are in two parts. Firstly, we identify any issues that have arisen during the week and discuss possible solutions. Secondly, we work together to change and improve things in our school.


Our School Council is very active. Children lead discussions about many different things. We also get the chance to vote for our ideas.


 Please click on the link below to see our aims.

The great thing about our School Council is that it is very active and changes according to the needs of the school.

Our School Council has helped to

  • write, define and review our Pride Values
  • devise our SSS code for moving around the school
  • identify charities we would like to support
  • design our Multi-Use Games Area to the rear of the school
  • design our school library
  • devise our anti-bullying policy and leaflet
  • and solve a range of issues through discussion and working together.