Religious Education Programme

At St Anselm's, Religious Education is taught using ‘The Way the Truth and the Life’ as a basis for learning.  We consider it important that R.E is taught creatively with plenty of opportunity given for pupils to use drama, art, music and movement to explore and express R.E.  For example pupils could explore a Bible story through a painting or drama freeze-framing moments of the story to consider characters' thoughts and feelings.  This gives an opportunity for the children to learn the knowledge and understanding of their faith while developing their own personal response and reflection regarding their faith.  

Learning about Other Faiths

Throughout their time in the school, children are given the opportunity to learn about the other major world faiths. We believe this is essential because in order to be rounded and informed individuals, children need the opportunity to understand other cultures and religions.


In the autumn term, children learn about the Abrahamic religions of Judaism and Islam on a two-year cycle.   During the spring term, Sikhism and Hinduism are taught on a two-year cycle across the school. All learning and teaching about other faiths uses the ‘Come and See’ RE scheme of work, adapted to the needs and interests of the class.


Pupils in the Early Years experience other faiths through learning about religious celebrations from a range of religions at the appropriate time in the year. 

Time Allocation

10% of the curriculum time is given to R.E. This time does not include collective worship, assemblies or hymn practice.