Quest Curriculum

The ‘Quest’ curriculum ensures that all foundation subjects are adequately covered and taught through highly engaging topics to a high age-related standard in each year group, encouraging the use and application of digital media/ IT skills. Wherever possible, learning is enhanced through meaningful experiences outside of the classroom. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is nurtured across all areas of learning.


As part of each 'Quest' theme, children are expected to engage in some independent learning at home through ‘Power Projects’. These are a great way for the children to explore areas of the theme that interests them the most and helps them to develop their life-long learning skills by showing them different ways of learning outside of school. 


Our curriculum and learning is celebrated through ‘Quest’ books and displays in classrooms and corridors; class assemblies provide children with the opportunity to share their learning, often through drama; parents and carers are also invited to ‘Quest’ afternoons where children have the opportunity to explain their learning as they guide guests around the various displays.

The long term plan below shows the topics studied within each year group.