Section 48 Inspection

St Anselm's was inspected in June 2016 and was judged by the inspection team to be an 'outstanding Catholic school where everyone is encouraged to feel valued and to strive for excellence.


'The Headteacher provides clear and highly effective leadership. Governors work closely and effectively with the Headteacher, challenging and supporting as appropriate. Governors have a clear vision and purpose for improving the quality of the Catholic life of the school. They keep themselves informed of the standards in Religious Education and ensure that the school implements their plans for further improvement. 

A strong Catholic identity is evident in the religious displays throughout the school and in the excellent relationships between all members of the community. Each person is respected and cared for. Pupils’ outstanding behaviour and high levels of engagement demonstrate their pride in their school and themselves. They clearly articulate an appreciation of the outstanding pastoral care they receive from staff. Parents’ questionnaires show that they are totally supportive of the school. Comments such as “we love the school” and “it is a warm and welcoming school” sum up the value parents place on the provision and leadership of the school.'

Section 8 Inspection

A short inspection took place in December 2015 by HMI OFSTED.


The inspection team recognised that the school has continued to improve effectively since its last inspection and it continues to be 'good'. The report celebrates the achievements of our children, staff, governors and parents and part they play in the school’s success.


“This is a happy, vibrant and successful school, with clear, positive values.”


"Pupils make good progress in English and mathematics throughout the school.

They consistently reach above average standards in the national tests

at the end of each key stage. "


"Pupils enjoy a broad and engaging curriculum,

which includes religious education as a centrepiece."


"Pupils are happy and polite. They behave very well indeed."


"Pupils listen attentively to staff in lessons and work well

together and individually. They take pride in their work and school."


"The playground is a happy and safe place."