Individual Reading

At St Anselm’s we are committed to helping our children develop as fluent readers who have good comprehension of a range of texts and genres. The school has purchased a number of books to supplement the Oxford Reading Tree books to help the children read more widely. For this reason, our books have been categorised in to coloured, banded levels which replace the numbered stages. The following is provided as information for parents and carers so that they can work in partnership with the school so that each child is able to make the best possible progress.


What do Book Band levels mean?

Reading books are graded by difficulty by reading levels known as Book Bands.  Each Book Band has its own colour. As children make progress, they move through the bands.


Children tend to learn in fits and starts – periods of growth followed by periods of consolidation when their progress seems to halt for a while. The periods where you don’t see rapid progress may be worrying, especially after a ‘growth spurt’, but they are important as your child develops confidence in using and applying their newly acquired skills. They also need to read a range of different texts at each level i.e. non fiction, poems, plays etc to get a breadth across genres.


It is not a race to the end of the levels – more an exploratory journey.