Home-School-Parish Partnership

There are very strong links between school, home and parish. On the fourth Sunday of each month there is a school Mass at the Parish Church of St Vincent’s where the children read the scriptures, lead the singing and offer examples of their learning during the offertory. Parents are actively encouraged to attend with their children.


Throughout Lent, the children lead the Parish in the 'Stations of the Cross' every Friday after school. The School also leads the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass.


The School also supports and engages in the life of the Parish by taking an active part in fetes, bazaars and a range of other fundraising activities.


The School has recently supported the Parish in its efforts to raise money for it's sister Parish in Peru. The Parish set out to raise enough money to build a multi-purpose building at the foot of the mountains which will provide the local community with access to a range of services. Our children did a sterling job raising an amazing £1462.42!