Early Years

Early Years

We strive to make the transition to school as easy as possible for both child and parent.  Once the children are settled and secure we strive to highlight each child’s strengths aiming to develop their social skills, confidence and creativity.


Parental Involvement

We recognise the important role that parents play in their child’s education and aim to involve parents in the child’s education as fully as possible.  Each family are visited in their home prior to their child starting school. This allows the parents and teacher to begin to build a partnership and helps the teacher to get to know the child as quickly as possible.  The parents receive weekly newsletters  to let them know what is being taught and how they can support at home.

The parents and carers are invited to meetings with the class teacher three times per year where they can discuss how their child is progressing in all areas of learning.



The curriculum covers Religious Education and:


  • the prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language)
  • the specific areas of learning (mathematics, literacy, expressive art and design, and understanding the world.


Daily routines

Children learn through all their senses and hand on experiences therefore play is an important part of the day.  They have free access to the outdoors throughout the day and have waterproofs to ensure they have access in all weathers. The rest of the day is broken into short sessions covering phonics, reading skills and adult-led sessions.  Number is incorporated into daily routine, counting, rhymes and games with short adult-led sessions. Each individual child’s learning and progress is monitored and observations and photos are collected in a learning Journey document.  These allow the children an opportunity to share their learning with their parents.