At St Anselm's we are committed to teaching our children all that they need to be fluent in English and Mathematics. English and maths are taught daily and discretely, focusing on key skills and independence, although these skills are developed across the whole curriculum. This can be seen in extended purposeful cross-curricular writing and problem-solving activities.


As a Catholic School, Religious Education is central to all that we do here at St Anselm's.


We have taken ownership of our curriculum to make sure that it is imaginative and inspiring.


Science is taught on a weekly basis and, where possible, links to the cross-curricular themes being studied through our ‘Quest’ Curriculum.


The ‘Quest’ curriculum ensures that all foundation subjects are adequately covered and taught through highly engaging topics to a high age-related standard in each year group, encouraging the use and application of digital media/ IT skills. Wherever possible, learning is enhanced through meaningful experiences outside of the classroom. We try to use our local environment as much as possible and, in connection with this, we sometimes take children on walks around our local area. Such visits are a very important aspect of curriculum provision for all classes: they are linked to current work, and provide children with first-hand, memorable experiences, invaluable to their learning. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is nurtured across all areas of learning.


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