Collective Worship and Celebrations

October is the month of the Holy Rosary

In our liturgy, we explored the rosary, what it is and how we pray it. Every morning, at the start of the day, we are saying a decade of the rosary in our classroom. 

We have made a large 'rosary' which is on display in the main entrance.

The Wednesday Word 

Throughout this Coronavirus Lockdown, the Wednesday Word will be posted here to support children and families. Fr Pat streams Mass live every Sunday at 10am via the parish website or their Facebook page.

Lent Scripture Eggs

Our liturgies throughout Lent in this Year of the Word are focused on pieces of scripture from Matthew's account of the Easter Story.

In each liturgy, we look at an object linked to the scripture and discuss what the verse could be about. Then, we open an egg to reveal the scripture before reflecting on its meaning in the story and in our lives today.

Junior Carol Service 2019 - Where are you Christmas?

The children in KS2 reminded us that in today’s world, there is a real danger that the true meaning of Christmas will disintegrate.  When Christ is pushed out of Christmas, He is pushed out of our hearts, and we will not be able to know what joy is.


In their concert they asked the question, ‘Where are you Christmas?’


Through songs, carols and poems written by each class, they found that the true meaning of Christmas can be found in many symbols associated with the season.


Christmas is in the ringing of the Church bells, celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Christmas is in the stars, reminding us how the Wise men were led to the place of Jesus’ birth, Bethlehem.


Christmas is in the flicker of a candle flame, helping us to remember that Jesus is the Light of the world.


Christmas is in the holly. The prickles represent the crown of thorns; the berries represent the blood that was spilled when Jesus died for us.


Christmas is in our hearts. It is a time of God showing His great love for us by sending his son to be our saviour. The children helped us to understand that this love is one that we can all share, not just at Christmas time but all of the time.

Infant Nativity 2019

The children in KS1 reminded us of the real meaning of Christmas in their performance of 'The Bossy Fairy'. They taught us that Christmas is not about ourselves and what we want; it is about Jesus' birth.

Advent - Preparing for Christmas 2019

Our liturgies throughout Advent are helping us to getting ourselves ready for the birth of Jesus.

Each week, we light a candle on the Advent wreath in our liturgies and Advent prayer stations around the school help us to reflect on our lives as we approach Christmas.

Remembrance 2019

At our special liturgy of Remembrance in November, we thought about all those we know who have died; our friends, families and loved ones. We watched excerpts of The Lion King to help us to understand that even though it is upsetting when someone dies, they will always live on in us.

We wrote the names of people we wanted to remember on hearts and displayed them in the Entrance Hall.