School Association

The  School Association is a group of people - parents, grandparents, other family members, teachers and  parishioners  - who want to help raise funds to support the school in providing things for the children which the budget cannot. 


All of the money raised goes to the children whether its allowing for Santa to visit, medals for sports day, games for the playground or a larger project such as the multi-use games area that the school was developed to the rear of the school.


The multi-use games area was suggested by the children. The School was able to fund the main elements of the project, and, with your support, the School Association was able to finance the court-markings, basketball nets and goals, as well as the picnic tables and benches.


Each year, we give each class £300 to help offset the cost of school trips, making contributions to outings more manageable for families.


Please do try and support the events run by the School Association throughout the year. Not only will it help us the raise the funds we need, but we hope that together, we will all have a great amount of fun!