Read Write Inc. Spelling

At St Anselm's, we have been using the Read, Write Inc. Spelling programme to teach children spelling to children in Year 2 to Year 6 since January 2015. We are trying hard to make spelling fun, enjoyable and interesting! 


In the past many of our children have found memorising spelling for a test stressful or they have forgotten the spelling of the words immediately after the test. Therefore we have invested in a scheme that teaches children a method for working out how to spell any words which have regular patterns. There is also a focus on irregular spelling patterns which need to be memorised. 


The spelling programme runs in daily sessions of approximately 15 – 30 minutes which comprise of teacher-led activities, paired work and independent activities.


All units follow the same format of fun activities, together with tips explaining when each spelling pattern is likely to be used.


Alongside this there is a Spelling Log where children can record the words they find difficult to spell.


Because spelling is taught and rehearsed daily, children are no longer given lists of spellings to learn for a test. Assessment throughout a unit is ongoing and children will be logging spellings that they find difficult. More formal assessment of spelling takes place every 6 weeks.


Parents can help support their children by regularly practising the words in their child’s spelling log.


Please note:

  • Since the expectations for spelling are higher than before, the school has been teaching the previous year’s programme as well as the current year’s programme until such a time as the children have covered all of the necessary units. This approach is highly recommended by Read Write Inc. themselves. This will help to ensure that all children have a firm foundation for spelling.
Click on the document below for a printable document summarising the teaching of spelling in our school.