Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language

As children progress and can decode fluently they move onto the Literacy and Language scheme which develops children’s comprehension, vocabulary, writing, critical thinking and discussion skills and grammar – in a fun and meaningful way.


At St Anselm’s Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language is taught each day in Year 2 – Year 6.


Literacy and Language:

  • gives every child a deep understanding of what they read since it is based upon high quality reading texts.
  • fully prepares every child for writing using a planning, drafting and revising method.
  • teaches grammar in context so that children can apply it seemslessly in their own writing.
  • supports the grammar and punctuation aspects of the Key Stage 1 and 2 tests. 
  • includes practice tests to build confidence prior to statutory assessment.
  • creates articulate speakers where children justify their answers and learn how to debate. 


Literacy and Language children write confidently and enthusiastically because they have something to say. And the biggest indicator of success is that they love reading!


Literacy and Language has been in place at St Anselm’s since September 2014 and our Teachers report that the impact of Literacy and Language on children's learning is huge!

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