Power Hour

Power Hour

The Power hour was introduced in September 2011, as a way of providing children with a range of experiences that would enable them to enjoy different activities that were not part of the regular curriculum. In these sessions, children would develop communication, team-work and problem-solving skills which are vital in our everyday lives.  The Power hour still takes place in school today, although its form has evolved over the years.


For one hour every Thursday afternoon, the regular curriculum shuts down to make way for the ‘Power Hour’ - experiences that enable the children in Years 2 to 6 to work in their class groups to learn a variety of other skills.


Each class enjoys activities which are planned to take place in 6 week blocks in the following areas:


When the Power Hour first began in 2011, we welcomed different visitors into school to work with the children. As part of our commitment to inspiring children, this gave them the chance to find out about different jobs and professions. These have included:  a veterinary nurse, a horticulturalist, a police officer, a hairdresser, a nurse, a solicitor, local builders, a graphic designer and a group of scientists from a local pharmaceutical company.


Unfortunately, due to the economic climate, it became increasingly difficult to secure visitors to our school for the Power Hour and, as a result, the hour evolved in 2013 so that it delivered  much of our PSHE curriculum in an exciting and engaging way.


The activities in 2013-14 included a visit to the local library, Zumba, training with the army group 'Challenger Troop' and Olympic Legacy Sports help to develop a range of physical skills. Children also learned about road safety, how to keep safe on the internet and first aid. They also identified what they liked about our locality, how we can look after it and how we can encourage others to do the same. Groups of children often went out in to the local community litter picking and clearing leaves.